Getting Cheated by Shamans and Con Artists

by Yin on December 2, 2014

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Years ago, when I first went to Penang to pursue my studies, I remember a story of a fellow student who went to Komtar to withdraw money. She was approached by a woman who was asking for direction and as she reply that woman, the women blew something into her eyes. The next thing she knew, she withdrew everything in her banking account and pass it to the woman. Only later she woke up- she said she felt like she was in a spell (kena jampi) and whatever the woman asked, she just did it.

That is why none of the victims would be so silly as to handle their life’s savings to a total stranger just because the stranger implanted fear by saying that their children or family members will die if they did nothing- unless they were being hypnotized or in a trance. Hypnotism is a known skill- also used by trained therapists and psychologist to help a patient to cure their trauma. Unfortunately, like any skill and knowledge, it can be mis-used to cheat innocent people out of their savings- still, it is usually combined with the use of entities from the dark side.

I believe that things like black magic, spirits and negative entities does exist. These things feed on the negative energies- fear, sadness, greed, worry and anger. By reducing these negative energies in them, the degree of influence and susceptibility to such ‘attacks’ are reduced.

Next article I will talk on ways you can do to boost your energy levels.

Within 2 hours after publishing my blog post on How to get Related Posts Plugin to work, an excerpt of the post is already published in two other blogs. Blog plagiarism is getting to be very common and I find that more and more posts that I published are being taken to be republished elsewhere. When I googled for solutions, I find that many other bloggers face the same predicament.

There are 2 stands on this: 

  1. On the bright side- if a blog with higher readership took your content and link back to you, you get new visitors and exposure that you otherwise may not get on your own.
  2. On the down side- your content is stolen and advertisement are plastered all over their blogs.

 You can choose action if the blog owner is making money off your content:

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