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You have all read stories of blood sucking vampires? Vampires who are guised in the form of beautiful men and women who would seduce and suck your blood with their terror looking fangs as you are in a daze and not knowing?But today, I would not write about these vampires. I would like to share about the kinds of vampires that do not suck your blood. But they suck your positive aura and possibility and replace with negativity and depression. .

I have learned this term in the American psychic or faith healers mainly from James van Praagh.A sure of way identifying such people is that after talking to them, you sort of feel drained out, tired or pessimistic. They would pour all their troubles into you and talk of how life has been terrible to them. When you start offering solutions, they would convince you why it would never work. Nothing seemed to work and everything seemed wrong in their lives.

Psychic vampires exist everywhere. Try to avoid as you can but you cannot run away from it. The most important thing is that not to be influenced by them. Not to let the aura of negativity encompass and engulf you. And if you read about astral studies, you would realize that psychic vampires do attract lots of negative forces and lower astral bodies (ghosts, spirits) in their aura field.

This is because these astral beings feed on the negative energies. That is why a negative person who become more and more negative as these lower beings gain more and more power and influence their minds as well.

This would explain that sometimes, when you read of a kid or someone who had performed some gruesome murders but have absolutely no recollection of it later. Sometimes when we ourselves are filled with negative thoughts, it is important not to entertain and nurture the thought or it would grow in size.

Or if you find such explaination does not make sense, look at it in another way. In psychology we have positive and negative reinforcement. There is an old saying that goes “we are our own thoughts”. The more positive thoughts we plant in our minds, the more positive we become. As we humans love to think and contemplate things a lot, if we think towards the positive side, it gains strength and momentum and would lead us to our success. If we think the world is unfair to us, or we are incompetent and useless, then we will eventually become our thoughts.

I find the Buddhist teachings of awareness as an excellent way of coping with the phenomenon or psychic vampires. Awareness is very powerful. Simply be aware of the unfavorable influence and try to note thoughts that enter your mind. I simply become aware that I was under negative influence and does not let the person affect me. Of course ideally if it is possible to stay away from the sphere of influence but if the person happens to be our colleague, boss or close family members, we are better off trying to develop effective mechanism to counter the effects. If we are strong enough, we could also learn to plant positive thoughts and optimism into the person. 

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  • Charlotte Wright May 24, 2010, 12:45 am

    What i know is that there are real pyschics and bogus pyschics that just wants your money.’:.

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