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Many people consider making crafts as a dreamer’s job or something very impractical. However people has been selling them as a source of livelihood for generations. Anytime working for yourself will beat working others. And what more if you are able to make a living doing the things that you like.

The founder of
Vermont Teddy Bear, John Sortino is an good example. Mr Sortino started by learning to make teddy bears on his own. Initially he only wanted to make them as gifts to his children. But after a while, he decided to make them to sell to others. As he made good quality teddy bears, it expanded into a multi-million dollars business in Vermont, USA. He talks on the challenges he faced as an entrepreneur and gives lots of valuable advise in his book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being a Successful Enterpreneur.

Another success story is
Cyndi Kaplan. She was previously a homemaker in Australia who started off by selling tapestry (also a kind of craft) start up kits for children. She talks on the challenges she faces as a woman entrepreneur, from safety and getting help to striking a harmonious balance between being a successful entrepreneur, wife and mother. Her job requires her to travel extensively to various toy fairs and to meet potential buyers all over the world. In the beginning of her successful career, she has penned a bestselling book titled “There is a Lipstick in my Briefcase”. Today, Ms Kaplan has gone into the training and conducting motivational seminars. That is why we find the only limitations is what we set for ourselves.

We are afraid to take calculated risk because of the great fear of failure. I admit I still have that fear in me but I am learning to overcome it. Children today are taught never to fail. They have to learn swimming, ballet, piano and take tuition for every subject they take in school. When they grow up and come into the working world, they may have trouble adapting to the ever changing world where you can be on top one day and be replaced the next. A truly successful person who still stays successful despite of the rising and falling of economy will tell you that he or she is no stranger to failure.

However I am not advocating that we all quickly give up something we do not like and plunge head-on into what we truly wants. For instance, if we decide to go into business full time and quit our current job, we have to analyze a few factors. We need to know what kind of products we want to sell, what is our target market to get into, pricing, marketing strategies, etc. We also need to analyze and look into our own qualities, our strengths and weaknesses. Once we are ready, then we go ahead with our decision. A true entrepreneur goes not gamble or depend on luck. He or she is taking calculated risk. If it works, then we go ahead with the plan or look into better ways of improvement. For me, at the moment, I am still doing researching. I still like my current job as it involves helping and interacting with other people. But my strong interest in craft works inspires me to start this website to share with all of you. May you all achieve whatever dreams that you have set up to achieve!

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