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Beautiful craft: Dough figurines

During a recent trip to Genting Highlands, I visited the showcase by various craftsmen from China. At one stall, a man called Wang Xian was crafting dough figurines. They’re really beautiful. Creations of Pooh, Wukong (Monkey God) and many others. The artisan used very simple tools such as a small comb, some toohpicks, a plastic spatula and worked magic on some coloured dough. The figures were so detailed and he could even craft fine and delicate Chinese characters in dough. Click here for the information posted by Genting (select the link on Dough Figurines).

The modern version of beautiful figurines is mainly created via polymer clay. I have discovered some beautiful sites by talented artisans who create these beautiful products using Fimo clay. Check out: Dave’s Polymer Clay Site & Whisper in the Woods.

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