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How to Book a Hotel on your Own…

OK, so you are planning to go somewhere on your own, a bit of a budget style. You need to find plan where to stay. Here’s something I learn from my own:
Example: Suppose you are from KL and wanna go to Penang:

1. Google with key words such as “penang hotels”, “penang hotel reviews”.
2. Websites that top the lists are generally those middle man sort of website which will earn a commission when you book the hotel via their sites. These middlemen website will advertise and talk about the hotel but never give you the phone numbers. You book thru them, and it is usually more expensive than booking on your own. What’s more, you may not even know if the site is genuine.

3. Still, you can get approximate price of hotel rooms and reviews that came from people who had stayed there.

4. Once you have narrowed down the list (from price range and comments of people) of the hotel that you want, go to www.yellowpages.com.my. From there, type in the name of the hotel viola, the hotel’s phone number is there.
5. You can choose to either call or email the hotel.

You can apply this if you are planning your own overseas trip. Every country will generally have an online listing such as yellow pages. Well, I will be travelling down to Penang and booked one hotel that way.

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