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Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

Do you? For me, I do. I did not used to but I do the last few years. In our daily lives, we are confronted by so many dangers and potential life threathening situations. Have you ever wanted to go somewhere, only to have an instinct or an inner voice screaming at you not to do so, and you were safe for listening to the voice. That was probably your guardian angel.

There is a difference between the calling of our greed & desires with the soft, compassionate guardian voice of your angel. The term is more widely used in Christianity text but they are known as Devas in Buddhist context. Today we live in a seemingly logical world whereby we attempt to answer all questions with cold, deductive and rational reasonings. It works well when we are at the top of the world. But when our world falls apart, all the ‘knowledge’ and skills we have amounts to nothing.

For instance, falling in love is something that defies logical reasonings. No matter how you reason, only time will tell or heals (if it is a broken heart). Or losing a loved one- no matter how much a person rationalises, he/she cannot rid of the grief in the heart. Again, time is required to heal.

In Buddhism, we believe in rebirth and so we have gone through many lifetimes and associating with many people. Each being can take rebirth in 6 realms in accordance of their deeds performed: animal, ghost/spirit, devas/angels, hell, demons & human. Some, who have been our beloved mother and father in our current/past lives, when they take rebirth in the deva/angelic realms, they’ll probably be keeping an eye on us.
Times in life when we truly feel alone, we tend to focus on too much self suffering to realise that we are not alone. Please believe that you are never alone, no matter how down, lonely or miserable you feel. Someone is always looking after you.

Today, I receive an email from a friend, Victor Hu. This had inspired me to write about angels. He currently devotes his life full time towards healing (reiki, angelic & crystal healing). Previously I have attended a course conducted by him – whereby he invoked the Archangel St Michael. If you want some help in trying to get in touch with your guardian angels, you can check out his website at http://www.soulfullawakening.com/.

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