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All the strays need is a chance.

Near my house there are a number of stray dogs. Even my mom is feeding them now because we have excess dog food- a kind neighbor gives us leftover meat (from boiling soup) as my neighbour does not have any pets.

Today, I passed by a house in my neighborhood. This lady had a corner house whereby you can see a cheerful black doggie running at corner garden. The dog is actually rescued from the street. What happened is one day, the lady was walking when she saw this pup wondering around looking for its mommy. The pup is venturing dangerously close to the main road. She took back the black up out of pity and compassion- as she was worried that the pup will be run over by a car.

Anyway, the female pup grew up to be an excellent watch dog. According to this lady, the dog will stay up at night to guard the house. And when the doggie does her ‘business’, she makes sure it is well buried so that her owner will not accidentally step onto it.

For me, I prefer non pedigree dogs or mixed breed because I find them more down to earth, simple and easy to take care. All they want is love, followed by food. The dog was rescued from the street and given a new lease of life. And she is serving her owner very well….
They need you to give them a chance. If you love them, they will return with unwavering loyalty, love and not to mention, good companionship.
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