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What a destructive web we weave..

If you ignore the voice in your heart and stop loving yourself,

you become who you are not,

when you become who you are not,

you feel more isolated, lonely and unloved,

as fear and insecurities builts up in your heart,

you struggle to do whatever you can to lose or numb it,

it doesn’t work as you end up feeling worst and worst.

people, as they sometimes do, let you down or break your heart,

you could not forgive, you develop distrust and ruled by anger,

as you spiral towards the cycle of destruction,

you hurt others, just like how someone else once hurt you,

you break others, just like how someone else once broke you,

the others you have hurt, starts other destructive cycles of their own,

is it fair to them?

is it fair to YOU?

Don’t you deserve more in this life?

and do you want to continue leading a life of such unhappiness, emptiness, anger and misery?

NO, you heard a small whisper…”I’ve had enough,”, it whimpered,

and as you really listened, the voice of your heart grew stronger,

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