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Why wake up early….

Here’s list of reasons given by an night owl on why she should sleep earlier and wake up by dawn:

  • Discovery H&H is only showing the exercise shows (on pilates, dancing, etc) at 4.30 am – 6am (every morning except Sunday morning). The owl really wants to watch that. She wonders why can’t there be repeats later on the day 🙁
  • Every time the owl sleeps back, she’ll wake up feeling more tired. Most of the time, she gets active dreams/nightmares.
  • She always misses the smell of fresh air in the morning.
  • There is a kind of peace and calm that comes in the morning- before the first signs of the rush hour traffic sets in. And darn, she misses that 99.9% of the time.
  • She spends less quality time with her family coz she is always rushing off to work- well, she lies in bed till the very last minute.
  • She noticed if she had tried, she is more productive and energetic when she wakes up early and goes to bed early.

Darn, it’s so hard to wake up early and resist the temptation to sleep late.

Night owl is reading Steve Pavlina’s How to Become an Early Riser now. Sounds motivating enough to give it a try….

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