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Zen Habits

I came across this very interesting website while searching for information on decluttering: http://zenhabits.net/
I have found the following information very useful:

  • how to declutter your home
  • how to clear your inbox (email management)
  • how to wake up early.

You can get lots of other tips from this site such as how to save money, getting out of debt, etc. Do check out the site if you looking for some peace in simplicity.

Currently, I am settling quite comfortably in my goals to minimize my sugar and refined carbo intake (shared in my other blog).

So, naturally I would be looking at another personal pet project. Allow me to make a confession: I am a clutterer- and a messy person by nature. My team mates, on the other hand are neat freaks. How they could tolerate me sitting next to them and being so messy, I have absolutely no idea. I do not have the heart to throw out my childhood toys, birthday cards, letters, bank statements, resits, etc.

But somehow, it’s strange that once you learned to take care of your health, other aspects will roll in as well. I didn’t like the mess in my life. I didn’t like to be overwhelmed by piles of opened mail or not able to find anything. Last Sunday, I cleaned out my closets, packed away clothes that I have not worn for a while. Decluttering could be my next project…..together with learning to cook some non carbo delicious meals.

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