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Yes, it’s official- I am making decluttering my latest pet project. Last week I cleared up closet, this week, my home PC area. It’s a liberating feeling. After that, I would go and do something bout my real messy room (so messy that I had to sleep in another room).
Internet’s a real cool place. You can find so much of tips and advice for free. And what’s more, most contents are better than the books sold in the market.

No matter how much we want to deny it, how we treat our stuff and how tidy we are reflect something inside us. Not only that, clutter creates stale and negative pyschic vibrations- in line with what Feng Shui masters will tell you. Just now, I felt lighter after vacumming a huge (and I mean real HUGE) furball belonging to my dog which had accumulated in a hidden corner.

I remembered when I was younger, my signature looks like a scribble ‘conteng’. Then as my outlook in life undergone a change, one day I find that I just could not sign that signature anymore. So I stopped signing cheques- for fear they’ll bounce. Then, I was at the bank one day and wanted to perform some banking transactions and darn, I could not sign my signature no matter how hard I tried. The counter made me go and sign a new sets of signature cards. Now, I really don’t like looking at clutter.

I used to keep my mails unopened for months. Of course, my family members had long learned to identify utility bills and open them for me to pay. But for most mail (be in statements, letters or just pure junk), will just lie around in an ugly pile in the living room. When the pile just get too huge, I will just bundle it in a Tesco plastic bag and let it lie on the floor of my room. One day, being so fed up of looking at it and sorting it, I converted a couple of frequent statements into electronic versions. That helps tremedously. And I am looking into turning all to paperless.

Herein are useful sites that I find over the net for reading later:
1. Decluttering the home.
2. Yahoo Answers to Closet management. – not a good way to begin the day when you are desperately searching for that piece of clothing in a pile.
3. How to Declutter by Zen Habits.
4. 20 Energy Drains You Can Eliminate

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