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Waking Up Early- Get back more hours in our lives

I am never a morning person. Even during school days, I had to force myself to get up every morning and I feel tired most of the time. This carried on in my working life, would wake up tired – and knowing that I will remain tired for the rest of the day, I quickly dragged myself for a short workout in the gym.

But now, since I switched to non starch and minimize table sugar intake, I felt much better. Still, at the end of the day when I get home from work, I find myself feeling tired and sometimes, fall asleep by 9.30pm.

So I decided why not sleep early and get up early. During the time when I fall asleep before 10pm, I remember waking up around 4am feeling very refreshed- just that I refused to get out of bed, slept back and wake up feeling groggy. Another bad habit that I find hard to shake off- love to sleep in.

Anyway, we always start small- so today, I guess I must have opened my eyes at 5.30am but only convienced myself to get out of bed at 6am.
6am to 6.30 am- meditation
6.30- 6.50am- went to kitchen and helped myself with some fruits that my mom was cutting (she’s a real early riser)
6.50am- 7.30am- I flipped between channels of MTV, Channel V and finally settled for Hitz (channel 16) for some nice video clips- and did yoga exercises.
7.30-7.40am- took a sneak peak at the papers today
7.40am- on the computer and type this blog.

After this. going to wash my hair, have a nice breakfast and head on to work.
Not bad for an early start 🙂

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