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The Secret Rules of Life

If you often wondered if there are more to life than the concrete jungle, material success and fame and chasing around stuff, you may want to read more on
by Robyn and Tony J. Abbott:

1. You Are Soul.
2. You have a Spiritual Body.
3. This is not your First Life.
4. You are part of a Soul Group.
5. There is a Purpose to you being here.
6. The Earth has a Spirit.
7. Understanding you are not Alone.
8. You are meant to find Contentment.
9. You are never without Love and Protection.
10. Understanding that it doesn’t really Matter.
11. You have a Soul Mate.
12. Your greatest gifts are your Imagination and Freewill.
13. You have Psychic Powers.

For other topics, it is available via this url: http://www.meditation.com.my/awakening/awakening.html

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