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Early rise today

Have been trying to get up on my own after my last post about early rising. Sigh, it has often been met with failure, especially during the weekends when I tend to sleep till at least 8am.

Knowing I have a long day at work ahead of me today, and the fact I have to leave home earlier than usual, decided to wake up early. Set my alarm clock for 5am to get up and do some exercise. Sometimes, when you just can’t get up by your own will and instinct, an alarm clock may do the trick.

At 5am today, my alarm rang. Got up and on Discovery H&H- realised that the yoga is now starting at 4.30am instead of 5am. But managed to do some exercise- yoga till 5.30am, followed by some more aerobic like exercise till 6am. Then I switched on some MTV and exercise/danced a while to the music till about 6.30am. This is followed by a quiet sitting for a while and breakfast. Wash some clothes and my hair and now, all set to leave for work after posting this blog 🙂

Felt fresh and better after a morning workout rather than lazing on the bed till it is time to get up.

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