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Recently Implemented Travel Laws on Liquid

With new implemented laws in international travel, travellers are no longer allowed to carry any form of liquid exceeding 100ml in your carry-on case effective 31 May 07. That includes drinking water, toothpaste, moisturizer, whatever form of spray, honey, shampoo, etc. It is ok to check those liquid in but it is now allowed in a carry-on (a bag that you carry with you to the flight). Exception: you buy the liquid/water directly from the duty free shop in the airport and they will seal it in a labeled duty free plastic bag. Once it is sealed, you can carry it with you.

I had an unpleasant surprise I recently travelled with my bottled water and toothpaste- was asked to drink all my water and throw away my toothpaste. Should have checked them in with my luggage.

My recommendation: if you like to travel light, take a small bag with you. Check in your single bag (with whatever liquid in it). Take your small bag to the plane (or you can just fly without carrying any bag). Else, if you really prefer to take the carry-on with you, ensure you do not carry sharp objects or liquids.

Tips for the discerning travellers at airports
OK, I must admit, I can be quite a thrifty person at times. I will happily spend my friends to a good meal but will hesitate on spending money in unnecessary situations: such as eating at airports/at the plane. I just came back from Bangkok and got some silly ideas that you may find amusing:

  • When travelling to the airport, make sure you have at least 600ml of water with you (for one person). Or whatever your favourite drink- like chocolate or coffee (packet drink or can). The same bottle of water that costs 10baht from 7 Eleven will cost you 50 baht at the airport. Of course, you need to drink all the water before reaching the Customs (last part before you board your flight)
  • If you have a weak stomach/ felt drained or unwell, avoid caffeine– instead, hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. You’ll feel better. Also no fried or starchy stuff. I was feeling a bit tired and my stomach was queasy. But I craved for the ice blended coffee so much- but finally I settled for iced water. Felt so much better and I knew I would have suffered from motion sickness in the plane had I drank the ice blended. Anyway, rewarded myself with a ice blended today at work.
  • If you are fortunate enough to visit the local market place (before your flight), get your fruits and sandwiches from there. I find that it’s good to eat fruits when you are travelling coz it helps digestion and clear off your system (if you stomach is weak or stuffed with heavy food, you may suffer during or after your travel). For food, I brought these absolutely delicious wholemeal sandwich (with ham, fish fillet and tuna mayo with tomato and lettuce) from the morning market. My friend brought some langsat (fruit) for me to take back but I ate all of it while waiting at the airport 🙂 If you buy from airport, not only the food are 3X to 4X more expensive, it is not fresh, and lack the authentic taste.
  • Carry some chocolate/ protein bars to eat while waiting.
  • Some lone travellers have a novel that they read while waiting for their flight. For me, I carry a notebook and pen and record down my travel experiences and itinerary for future reference. You’ll be surprised at how fast you forget things if you do not write it down. If you love to read, ensure you bring something reading materials that are light and enjoyable to read. You can print your reading materials/ buy newspapers and dispose it after reading.
  • Take a light jacket or shawl with you- it may get cold in the plane. If you are travelling on budget airlines, blankets are normally not provided.
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