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Absurb Prices That We Pay When Eating Out

Earlier this week I went with my friend to Hainan Cafe for our meal. My friend ordered 2 sets of roti bakar (toasted bread with kaya and butter) and 2 boiled eyes with Milo Ais cost more than RM10.
I ordered nasi lemak sotong with teh ‘c’ (small cup of tea made with evaporated milk). Cost me about RM11. To some of my friends, it is more than a week’s worth of their breakfast cost.

The food:

  • My friend could not finish the roti bakar and milo ais coz they’re too sweet
  • My nasi lemak is only so so
  • The teh ‘c’ was so terrible- can’t taste the tea- felt like drinking sugar with milk, yucks. And it cost me RM2.50 before tax.

Better food at a lower price.

  • a packet of nasi lemak sotong from a favourite stall in the market- coz only RM2.50 and it was absolutely delicious
  • most traditional old kopitiams served much more delicious tea/coffee at a fraction of the price. A small cup of teh ‘c’ will probably cost RM0.80 to RM1.00 and taste delicious

This morning, I went to an old coffeeshop– brought a packet of teh ‘yin yong‘ milk -that is tea with both condensed and evaporated milk. With 2 sets of roti bakar kaya (oven toasted bun with kaya and marjerine)- the entire thing cost me only RM4.

Usually, a kopitiam that serves delicious coffee or tea will attract a large crowd, like those in Ipoh does. A friend of mine from Ipoh had said that Ipoh is really a food haven. In order for a food operator to survive in Ipoh, the food must be cheap, delicious and has lots of stuff inside.

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Previously, I used to enjoy eating out. Love to go out to places with good ambiance, or delicious food. However, as I learned to eat more healthily-ie less sugar, more fruits and veges, I start to find that most food contained lots of salt, MSG, sugar, too oily or don’t have the ingredients that I like. Eating in save a lot of money, not to mention that you can put in ingredients that you love.

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