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New Year Resolutions? Try Blogging bout it..

“Go ahead, join an expensive gym. Set the alarm clock an hour early and pledge to spring gleefully out of bed and into your running shoes six days a week. Resolve to lose 2kg a week until you can count your ribs.
Go ahead. We’ll see you and your broken promises back here in April”
~ the above quoted from Ellen McCharthy– Try Something New (published in the Sunday Star- Malaysia edition dated 30 Dec 07)

I find the post above witty and may hit home for some. Yes, as we say goodbye to 2007, we look forward to the new year with increased zest. Perhaps we are planning to start a business, have a career change, have a family, lose weight. We start every new year with a bang, wanting to pursue something important, and somehow halfway, faced with challenges (and excuses) …. well, we just give up.

If it’s on something that we feel strongly about, why not start a blog about it? It may just be the little push you need.

For instance, losing weight is a common goal amongst many people. Instead of making excuses and piling up more pounds year after year, why not start a blog on it? Better yet, use your real name and make sure you send emails to all your friends to tell them about your plan. Then there’ll be no backing out of it coz, hey, your reputation & integrity’s at stake.
For those who are considering blogging about this subject, I strongly recommend that you read the post by John is Fit on 4 Reasons You Should be Writing a Weight Loss Blog. John started a blog on his journey to lose weight, just like I’ve started another blog on my journey to beat sugar addiction.

Also, we all may have goals, ambitions, obsessive past times (that no one we know understands), philosophical views that we really want to let out and share with people. Heck, we may have the same resolutions every year and yet we dissapoint ourselves year in and year out because we could not achieve them. Blog about them.
You can set up easy and hassle free blogs using Blogger (update in Sept o8: no longer using Blogger- I am now using WordPress templates). With Blogger, a new blog can be created in minutes using 3 simple steps. After you set up your account, you are ready to start blogging, or writing. Writing about your favourite issues or topics close to your heart is great- its therapeutic and allows you to let out and express yourself. If the topic is too personal, you can choose to hide under some anonymous nicknames. It’s all up to you.

And as John said, you’ll have a chance to connect to lots of like minded people- you can reach all these people through various forums and discussion groups targeting your topics of interests.

Blogging helps to keep your interests alive, and you will also have lots of motivation to do research and share with others. You also see the changes in yourself, what you were and what you’ve become. I have been writing online since 2002 and I could see how much I’ve changed over the years.

I have a friend who is wise and talented- he gives me very constructive feedback and his words reflect someone of deep wisdom. I encouraged him to start a blog. But he told me that each time he sat in front of the computer, he has problem putting his ideas to words.

If you suffer from the same predicament, no worries, just take baby steps. But most important, take the first step. After a while of writing, you will get the flow.

When I first knew my closest friend, she was very weak in English but excelled in Mandarin. For me, I could not read Mandarin. So when we went to separate university to study, she will write me very long letters. At first, I had problem understanding the contents, but after a few years, I could see how much her written English had improved. Today, her written English is so amazing and she expresses herself very well in writing.

Once you get your blog set up, don’t forget to share it with me, ya.

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