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Cleaning House- so much plastic bags!

Last Sunday, our family had the spring cleaning day. Spring cleaning day is one of the days that I most dread in the year, because it will mean watery nose (from the dust), and literally forcing myself to work, work work.

But this year, I was pleasantly surprised. I only have to force myself initially to start the cleaning but once I am into it, it’s not that bad and I was not as tired that I thought I am going to be. Thinking back of previous years, even last year, I realised that it was poor diet choice (too much sugar and starch) and lack of exercise that had contributed to that lethargic and tired feeling.

Anyway, after sweeping the ceiling and clearing it of cobwebs, wiping hear and there, and finally vacuuming the entire house, I find that one of the most annoying thing is that- there’s just too much plastic bags in the house. They are lying around all over the place.

Not sure about other countries, but when you purchase literally anything in Malaysia, the stuff is always put in a plastic bag. Especially when you go hypermarkets, you can have one plastic bag per item- most of the staff would not even care.
Once in a hypermarket, I saw a lady carrying a very big bag and putting all the stuff carefully into her bag. I thought that was a lot of hassle but now that those plastic bags are cluttering my house and it’s a waste because I had to throw them away, I realise that she is doing something of value and contributing to the environment.

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During house cleaning, I have found a few very big shopping bags that I had forgotten about. I will be embarking on a campaign to convert my family into putting stuff in shopping bags. We normally recycle plastic bag as garbage bags but I will make sure we deplete the ‘stock’ in the house first.

And it’s find funny though, after I vacuumed the dust off corners of my house (those hiding behind furniture or at deep unreachable corners), I could have swore when I talked, there was an echo. And the rooms looked brighter.

OK, better get ready to go to work or else I will be late.

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  • Adrian January 13, 2008, 3:50 pm

    Oh yes, I hate Spring Cleaning as well. It’s so darn tiring, so sometimes I prefer to hire someone tot do the job, especially repainting the gate and wall…

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