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Allow Creative Expressions of Yourself

The typical life fast paced life of an working adult: get up, use the bathroom, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to work, have lunch, work, come back, have dinner, watch TV or play with the kids or do housework, then sleep, then wake up… and it repeats again. Everyday is almost similar- that’s why people resort to escape from the routine by watching TV, shopping and visiting pubs as the weekends approach. Sometimes, we long to do something totally different, something to express our inner self.

Well, maybe we should.

Years ago, when I was working in shifts, I used to spend lots of my spare time dabbling with crafts. I will sleep till 10pm, have breakfast, do my crafts, watch VH1 (that time was hosted by Belinda) and then, go to work. Creating craft works calms my mind and I love to create hairclips of all types of colour schemes. When I am tensed, looking at different colour schemes can calm me down. With ribbons of all imaginable colours laid out messily all over the floor, and MTV channel playing various songs, I feel so happy and contended. Now, whenever I hear songs such as Barenaked (Jennifer Love Hewitt), Are you Happy Now (Michelle Branch), There you will be (Faith Hill), and other songs that were a hit around that time, it will remind me of those happy and contended days.

Here are some real photos of my humble creations:

Any form of creativity expressions are never time-wasters. When you are used to expressing yourself creatively, it will spill over into other aspects of your life- such as in your studies and at work- and forms the basis of thinking out-of-the-box. I’ve first allowed my creativity to express itself when I was in Form 6, then at work. At work, I am able to work out solutions despite on various limitations that presented itself. If it is due to system limitations, I always try to work around it, leveraging on existing features available in Microsoft.
Some indulge in photography, web design, writing, blogging, cake decoration, try new recipes and crafts in their spare time. When there is not enough time in the day, they find time- sometimes, staying up on Saturday nights.
Most importantly, allow creative expressions of yourself.
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