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A Tribute to Robert Palmer

I grew up listening to songs by Robert Palmer. To me, he was an unconventional, creative and intelligent musican, songwriter and singer. Not to mention to be gifted with such a beautiful, soothing, deep and calming voice.

As I am typing this, I am watching the video of Robert Palmer’s She Makes My Day. In fact, I replay the video and listen to it a number of times.

Robert Palmer became famous when he featured identical, heavily made-up models holding musical instruments in videos such as Addicted to Love & Simply Irresistable. Of course, his style was subsequently copied by other singers.

I remembered watching these videos and growing up with them during my schooling years. Gifted musicans like Robert Palmer became my initial inspiration to break out-of-the-box and to allow my creativity to unveil and express itself. Therefore, when faced in unusual or challenging conditions, I’ve learned to develop workarounds. But like many creative people, we took up additional hobbies like writing, starting blogs and dabbling with crafts to utilize the excessive energy.
Robert Palmer passed away on 26 September 2003 due to a heart attack at the age of 54 (one year younger than my dad who passed away from stroke at 55). He will always be remembered, at least by me.
Further Reading on Robert Palmer: Robert Palmer, Wikipedia
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