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Introduction to Blogging

This article is writen for the benefit of my friends, some of who do not have the faintest idea of what a blog is. It is also for the benefits of readers who maybe wondering what a blog is or how to start on getting a blog. Or why would people wanna start a blog in the first place.

Why Blogging?
Blog is a short form for weblog. Starting blogs are considered as an “in thing” to do and politicans, lobbying for more supporters are now part of the growing community of bloggers.

In blogs, we are able to express ourselves, either formally or informally. Some people treat blogs like an online diary, recording many experiences on what had happened throughout the day, often accompanying photos along the way. So the next time you see someone happily snapping photos, especially those of food, you can almost be sure that the photo will end up in the photographer’s blog. Serious bloggers normally carry their camera or at least a mobile phone with a good in-built camera function to snap photos whenever they go.

It’s not silly. It’s fun- you should give it a try 🙂

Sometimes, bloggers remain annoyomous- and really spill out their darkest secret, wishes, raves and rants, things that they may not be able to talk about in their real life. It’s a good way for self-expression and sometimes, they get to know other fellow bloggers who are in the same predicament.

Many bloggers will came across and get to know other bloggers in cyberspace who share similar interests through finding other blogs that share the same interests as we do or participating in online forums. Like for me, I love blogging on topics on health, fitness and alternative healing– no one that I personally know write blogs like this. So I’ve found blogs that shared similar interests in blogosphere (blogs in cycberspace), with some started by Malaysians. You can find blogs that I frequently visit listed on the right side of both this blog and my other blog.
No matter what kind of interest that you have, or how perculiar and strange those interests are, you can literally find another blogger out there who can understand.

I’m keen… how do I go about starting one?

For starters, you can use free service like WordPress or Blogger. You can just start a blog using Blogger in just 3 simple steps. If you use a free service like Blogger, your blog will end with description of .blogspot.com. Also, the layout options and function would be quite limited, unless you or someone can write a program for a customised template and upload to Blogger.

If you want your url to come with www..com, you will need to register the domain name and pay for a company to host it for you. A lot of internet companies are offering this service at a very reasonable price. Best is to ask around or ask established bloggers in your area on what hosting service that they use.

I am well aware that there are limitation that comes about in using blogger to host my blogs. Overall, I am ok with blogger because of the loading speed and its easy-to-understand templates (no prior PC knowledge required)- given all for free. Still, as your blog volume increase, like my Goodbye Sugar blog does, you would want to have the option to be able to control the layout and features of your blog. You would also want to have a spot in cyberspace that you can call your own. I’ve been thinking about getting my own domain name and will work on it once time permits.

Still, for starters, you can try out free sites like Blogger to see if “its your-kinda-thing”.

Err, I’ve started a blog- and I dunno what to write.

Even bloggers suffer from writers’ block too. Just give some gentle nudges – slowly, given time, who knows, the great writer in you may emerge.

For starters, check out these cool blogs by Malaysians:

Further Reading:

I do hope that I’ve at least inspired you to start one.

Some serious bloggers who start successful blogs ended up going full time and making a living out of it. The sky’s the limit.


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