A Blogger’s World Series

by Yin on June 28, 2008

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Welcome to the series of articles on blogging. Here, I will be writing articles progressively in blogging for the beginner.

Update @ Oct 08: You may want to check out the following sites on “Make Money from Blogging” if you found that your previous money making efforts have not worked:

- Happy Jobless Guy 

- Money Making Blog by Grizzly

- Blogger Unleashed by Vic

- Blogigs by Costa (I’ve placed the Archives articles there)

I’ve discovered a lot of new things because I spent many hours reading about blogging and I have found the sites above to be gems- it is writen by authors who ‘do not sell dreams’ but sell the reality of blogging.




This article is writen for the benefit of my friends, some of who do not have the faintest idea of what a blog is. It is also for the benefits of readers who maybe wondering what a blog is or how to start on getting a blog. Or why would people wanna start a blog in the first place. With example of blogs started by Malaysians on different concepts….
Unsure of what to write about? This article contained various topics or themes that you can write about such as your kids (who are your everything), everyday rantes, your skills and talents, your story, your rants/opinions/ ideas. Or you can simply use it as an extension of your business, for your customers and potential customers to get to know the ‘real’ you. Sample blogs are provided to illustrate… (click to read more)


Having quality content is crucial to drive more traffic to your blog long term. Sure, you can put catchy titles with no content but visitors will not be deceived the second time round… (click to read more)

It is possible to customise a Blogger template on your own. You can also add ‘Related Posts’ at the end of each article as it will allow readers to read for other related articles without many clicks (most of your good articles may be buried too deep into the archives for the reader to find it anyway)…. (click to read more)

a. Adding a 3rd column to your blog.
By adding a third column, you are able to include more navigation bars on either side without having the visitor to scroll up and down- and most visitors may not even bother to scroll all the way down. After numerous trial and error, I have found one tutorial that works and have recommended it in the article.(click to read more)

b. Blogspot vs Paid-Domain Name- which one is better?
In the article, I gave my reasons as to why I chose Blogspot but I also mentioned the benefits of having your own domain name. Many bloggers started from Blogspot and later move on to acquiring their own domain name. There are Blogspot bloggers who make it on the top 100 of Technocrati list- but of course, you will find majority of them consists of bloggers with their own domain names. .(click to read more)

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