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What to blog about?

So, you’ve gone through the 3 steps in Blogspot creating your own blog. For simplicity’s sake (and also because Blogger is the only application I am using), let’s say you’ve chosen to create a blog using Google’s Blogspot.

You have your own domain name and is all geared to have your own very blog, like what others out there is having.

Here are some ideas on what you can blog about:

Time spent with kids are precious. Most of my friends are young parents and their face literally light up when they talk about their kids. No matter how naughty they be, my friends love them all the same. Now, don’t you think short posts taking about their antics, endearing qualities and stuff that down the line will make your eyes well with tears 20 years down the line? All precious sniplets of their lives, which otherwise will be lost forever but now embedded forever in memory, thanks to the internet ; )
You will always remember your kids as done this or that- but the exact date and time? It’s like a “Today in History” kinda thing. Of course, you can remember incidents, but to tie them back to dates, venues will mean a lot. Most of the time, it only takes probably about 15 min (once you are used to it) to type quick recaps of the day’s events. If you have more time, you can also get connected to other similar blogs out there- and share tips together- amongst young parents. The cyberspace are full of caring and supporting community.

Caution: Safety comes first in cyberspace- sometimes, stalkers do exist. As this is personalised information, you may want to leave out key identifier such as your real name, house location, pictures, schools/tuition classes that your kids attend, your picture for safety reasons.


Have that talent in photography? Able to take a picture that speaks a thousand words? You need a platform to showcase your talent, and what a better place than in a blog. Or good at baking or cake decoration skills- why not bake a cake and show it off?

Example, Roni shares lots of recipes in her GreenLiteBites blog. Roni herself is a true inspiration, having lost about 60 pounds and still maintaining the weight loss.

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My interest in website started way back in 2002. Back then, I love crafting and discovered a whole new world of crafters like me out there in cyberspace. I started my first website, got a friend to take digital shots of my work, and posted it to share with others. Now, my interest has evolved… well, you’ll never know where blogging will lead you.

Caution: If you are starting a blog to showcase your talents, take special care to ensure your original work is not copied and sold by someone else. You may want to label your images with your url, like what most bloggers do.


Everyone is free to express their ideas, thoughts and opinions. If you have something to say about a recent issues, what’s stopping you? You can also find other blogs that share similar sentiments as you and get to know the bloggers by sending them email or dropping comments to them with a link back to your site (most comments page gives you an option to include your url address).

Perhaps you have special interests but none of your mamak or shopping pals share. Feeling alone and no one to talk to about subjects that you feel strongly about? No worries, search for active forums, websites or blogs that discuss on the topics.

Caution: Take more of sensitive issues and perhaps, it is wise not to go overboard with it. After all, we are all in cyberspace and authorities are willing to track to the exact computer where you are posting from because each computer/network has a unique ISP address.


Blogs are great reaffirmations of your dedication to work towards a goal or a plan. For instance, if you plan to run a marathon in 6 months time but is currently unfit, you can start a blog to document your step-by-step to get there. Share with your readers those little milestones, setbacks and even slip-ups. Don’t think talking bout slip-ups are bad- it makes you more humane and others able to relate to you better. Also, starting a blog to talk about it will give yourself a commitment to do it- especially if you are blogging using your real name. I mean, you cannot talk about accomplishments that were not there, rite?

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Then, months or years later when you look back, you will be able to see the progress- what works and what doesn’t. What to watch out for to ensure no setback, etc. A number of such blog will receive a loyal following, especially if the owner is perceived as a humble, kind and down-to-earth person. Who knows, you may later go ahead and publish your own book.

Here’s an example: I came across a writer, Tricia Walker who initially blogs about the experience of a sister whose brother had gone to Thailand to ordain as a monk in Benedict’s Brother. Ok, till today, I must admit that I don’t know if her story is fact or fiction, but the contents seemed to be writen from an insider’s perspective, something that a person who had stayed in a forest monastery can write. Her blog had a number of followers including me, who read each installment. And the ending, she mentioned that the brother had contracted advanced cancer.

Tricia had writen a book about it but initially no one wanted to publish it. It was after she shared the story in her blog and it touches the hearts of many, the word got around. Finally, she got the story published. It sold about 200 copies within the first 2 hours of launching in Borders, UK. Now, she has her own registered website.

Another blogger, Shauna Reid kept a blog that documented how she lost half of her weight. She subsequently wrote a book called “The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl” that is on sale now.


If you are an entrepreneur or an internetpreneur selling products and services, many potential customers would want to know about you- what you do everyday, what are your values and principles you work on, how do you handle certain situations and what do you have to say about certain topics. As an extension about yourself, you can create a blog- after all, you cannot talk on informal topics on your official website but you can create a blog to talk about them.

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For example, Timothy Ferriss wrote a bestseller on the Four Hour Workweek– to advise on breaking free from the 9 hour work week. He also has a lifestyle blog that he updates regularly, with many loyal followers.

Guy Kawasaki also has a blog that gives lots of good advise.

Therefore, with a blog, you allow many people to get to know who you are, and a some of those who eventually turn into your loyal customers.

These are topics or central themes that you can talk about in your blog. There are also many other niche blogs out there- blogs that talks on very specific topics with very targeted audiences.


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