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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Blog: Content

After starting a blog, your next immediate concern would naturally be: “how do I drive more traffic or visitors to my blog?”

Often, what will make a bloggers day is to see the site statistics of daily visitors to our blog. Bloggers generally install the site statistic counters- currently I am using Google Analytics, that is able to give me the daily traffic statistics of visitors, where they came from, how long the spent on a particular page. The application is able to exclude clicks done using my own PC.

There are many gurus out there who offers tonnes of valuable advise on the subject matter- which I will reference them at the end of this article. However, let me offer you my 2 cents worth, coming from blogging experience of about 2 years:


All gurus out there will tell you- if you have not got quality content, there is no way you can drive long term traffic into your blog. It’s just no other way if you are into blogging long term.

Yes, you can put up a couple of catchy titles, figure out the tricks of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but if you do not take the trouble to write good content, or something funny visitors who happened to find your site will not be returning visitors.
However, not all visitors enjoy reading ‘heavy topics’. And I must admit, I tend to write ‘heavy topics’ and going deep into an issue. Sometimes, readers found my site searching for solutions to stress and decisions concerning their careers and spend time reading some articles that made sense to them. For instance, take a look at Steve Pavlina’s site– whereby most of his articles are over 1000 words long- his articles are writen with great depth and he earns income full time just from writing these great articles. I learned a lot from him. Another site that advocates Zen living teaches a lot on simplicity, happiness and overcoming bad habits.

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On the other hand, the top Malaysian blogger is Kenny Sia. If you read his blog, it’s actually fun and relaxing- he does not concentrate on writing articles with a few thousand words. Even though he is a top blogger, he’s basically a humble and down to earth guy- like an article that he wrote about Air Asia’s food got Tony Fernandes’s attention. Or the fact that he is not afraid to post an article of being ‘caught in the act’.

Also, it is not ethical to steal content from another site/blog and publish it as your own. A person doing that will quickly find himself/herself earning a bad reputation in the blogosphere.

Let your content be original. If you are writing a personal blog, write from the heart- have the desire to share, discuss and talk about your feelings and views. If you are writing on topics that requires research, indicate your reference.

Most of us are inspired due to events, news or articles that someone else wrote about. If you are writing along the lines of another article that was writen by someone else, the polite way is to summarise the article that you’ve read and link back to the source.


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