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What to do when your mouse does not work

Have you ever encountered a situation whereby you turn on your computer and suddenly, your mouse stops working? This happened to me on 4th of July. I was wondering why my optical mouse suddenly refused to move.

At first, I thought it was a faulty USB cable in my drive- but when I unplugged the mouse’s cable and replace with my speaker cable, my speaker works just fine. When I replace with another optical mouse (thank goodness I have one spare), it does not work. I keep getting the error message “Found New Hardware Wizard“. And also a message that the USB port does not recognize my mouse (when I have using the same mouse for a few years).

Searches via the internet comes out with all types of option ranging from download the BIOS from the manufacturer (???), add the chip from the motherboard (???), reload the entire OS (Windows Operating system) and replace an optical mouse with a roller mouse. I know that many people can navigate easily with their laptop but that’s just not me. Finally, I found a discussion board that suggested a cause of the problem and decided to give the solution a try. I have managed to solve my mouse issue and my mousy is working now.

Cause: Window’s automatic updates that caused some programs in PC to run haywire.

Solution: You have to locate the last Window update and restore the function- each time you do that, the PC will reboot itself. Do it till your mousy is working again.

Herein are the screen caps that I did in case you encountered the same issue as me:

1. Click on Start> All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> System Restore. You will see the screen below: 2. Click on “Restore my computer to an earlier time”. You will see the diagram below. PC updates that were done on your PC are shown in highlighted dates. Click on the time/date earlier on items that are indicated as “Software Distribution Service” and click “Next”.

3. You will see the screen below. Don’t worry, by restoring your updates, you will not lose any documents or email in your server. What the system will do is that it will restore your PC to an earlier Windows version (make sure you select “Software Distribution Service”). After you click on the “Next” button, your PC will auto shut down. It’s because my PC was shut down, I was not able to link back to the person who wrote this solution- but I managed to figure out and do some screen caps on my own.

4. After your PC reboots, you may find that your mouse is still not working. What you do then is to REPEAT the entire process from steps 1 till 3 (means keep going back to earlier dates to restore) till you are finally able to move your mouse again.

My mouse did not work on 4 July 08 but I had to restore about 10 times, going back to the Windows Update dated 18 June, afterwhich, my mouse was ok again. You will now it is alright when you stop seeing the “Found a New Hardware Wizard” after your PC rebooted itself.

But strange enough, I had to replace my optical mouse with a new one too- but at least the new one works (prior to the restoration process, even my new mouse was not working).

This method may work when you finally find for some strange reasons, certain applications are not working or seemed to go haywire (please also make sure your anti-spyware, anti-virus are updated because sometimes, it could be due to virus/spyware).

Good luck and hope it works for you.

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