Blogs that Shamelessly Bashed Others- Isn’t it bad for the soul?

by Yin on October 2, 2008

in Career

A few days back I was going through the world’s 50 most powerful blogs and I can’t help noticing about some blogs that made it to the top are based on celebrity bashing.

Of course, such blogs appealed a lot to the mass- I mean I have to admit that if I were to watch E! Channel (which is part of my subscription under cable TV), I do get addicted with the juicy gossips. We watch celebrities in movies/songs and know about their talent (or lack thereoff)- and naturally, we will be curious to know how their private lives are. That’s why shows like MTV Cribs (going around tours of celeb houses), Punked (playing pranks on celebrities) and E! True Hollywood stories are so popular. Still, I learned to accept that everyone has strength and weakness- so I normally feel sorry if a celebrity broke down because the price of fame often takes a heavy toll on one’s personal life.

So here come these blogs- the owners does some celebrity bashing, attract a large following of people who just love this type of juice and plaster the page with all sorts of ads. They make tonnes of money attacking people at their weakest (because it sells!), zooming in to the failure of their personal lives, unexpected fat bulges, divorces. Mainly, it’s thrives to put down someone in a bad light. I thought Debra Messing looked absolutely gorgeous at the Emmys but appearently a lot of unpleasant stuff can be said about the dress she’s wearing. Of course, I have to admit that these blog owners generally have a great eye for details and an exceptionally perversed sense of humor.

Which lead me to think ponder further about the bloggers themselves….

Now, let’s say you love bashing, find faulting and making fun at other people’s expense. Then, wouldn’t you spend every waking moment worried and obsessed about what others feel about you? Normally peope who love to criticise others often cannot take critisim themselves. What happens should the unimaginable happened to them- like sudden balding, bad dress choice or hairstyle, divorce, their own partner is caught sleeping with someone else, caught off guard drunk, etc? And then other people/ magazines starts to talk about them. Now how would they take it? A taste of one’s own medicine is often horrible to bear. So it goes to say that the bashers will have to spend every waking moment being on guard, careful and not blameless- so that they do not end up on the other side. That’s pitiful.

That makes me wonder- how many can one be when one have to always be on one’s toes. It’s really tough. Many veterans celebrities had learned to live with the bashing- well, they try their best to dress and behave as good as they can in public. But if they’re caught, they learn to deal with the consequences  because they know fame always come with a price. Of course, like all humans, celebrities suffer from divorce, failed relationships, emotional stress- they need time alone and to seek therapy- and the more they plead for privacy, the more the cameras zoomed in. C’mon, just give that poor fella a break, would ya!!

But it’s  another thing altogether if your livelihood is derived out of demeaning someone’s fashion sense-and one day you go out in a totally ‘wrong’ piece and the guns are now aiming at you. What’s the point of making tonnes of money when the you are the most hated person in Hollywood… it’s tragic. I mean, you get invited to a parties and ‘happening’ events- and the stars just want to avoid you. For those who smiled at you, don’t you notice how the smile never quite reach the eyes. No one wants to be the next big story in your blog. Deep down inside, you know no one likes you and you don’t have any real friends. If anything happened to you, no one will miss or feel sad for you. Exactly how happy you can be? You have sold your soul for money and fame.

Real life….

I am not sure bout you but I know of a few people who climb the corporate ladder by bashing and breaking other people’s ricebowls. When you tell them things in confidence, the next thing you know, the secret you shared is used against you- to their benefit. Normally they are very engaging and they work to win your trust- and they are very shrewd about it- it’s difficult to uncover such people. Not that I had been a victim but some of my close friends had been bitten by this type of people. Still, like what a friend of mine said, ‘if you break someone’s ricebowl, yours will be broken one day.’

Sometimes, it may not be the ricebowl that is broken- but it comes back in a different form. It comes back in an area where it hurts the most- the personal life. I’ve known such persons- their love life suffers and they had to undergo betrayals time and time again- and yet they wondered why. A few also suffered from eating disorders- they resorts to short cuts to slim down- damaging their livers and digestive system in the long run.

My mom taught me a very valuable lesson in life: she emphasize that I have to always help others. When she was working, she was always willing to cover for colleagues who had to take leave when their kids got high fever. Nurses sometimes gave interns or houseman very tough time. Not my mom- she was kind to them and was every willing to teach them- she always said, ‘I am willing to teach you because you are new and need help. I hope when my kids come out in life, there will be people helping them too.’

True enough, I landed my previous job of 9 years because someone recommended me. All I needed was an interview- and I got the job because the interviewer was so impressed with my answers and drive (that time, it’s difficult to get into my ex-company). And throughout my career life, I get help when I needed it- and I got to work with great mentors who were more than happy to impart their knowledge to me.

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