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Had it not been for the war, Sri Lanka would have prospered

The people of Sri Lanka had suffered greatly due to the effects of the war. The economy and the tourism industry are so badly affected due to the war.

Sri Lanka has so many heritage sites to offer, and especially in the city of Anuradhapura, it is a great pilrimage site. Below are the photos taken from a poster that I had bought from Sri Lanka. I had visited the country in 2006 and have been to many of the sites in the poster below:

Aside from that, Sri Lanka has lots of safari parks, and is a place whereby Ayuverdic medicine thrives. You can also find various craft works, carvings and gemstones. Unfortunately, these places are barely surviving as due to the war, you could hardly find any tourists visiting the country anymore.

I sincerely hope the war will be over soon and the country can rebuild itself.

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