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Truncate or Creating Post Exerpt for Blogspot Blogger

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Previously, when I maintained my site via Blogspot, I have searched the internet for various methods to truncate post- ie when the visitor gets to my homepage, they are able to view not the entire post but an exerpt of it. Reason why I did this is because some of my posts tend to be lengthy and I do not want the visitors to scroll all the way down just to read the second or third post. By default, Blogspot did not have this feature yet. This feature is available by default in WordPress.

Finally, one suggestion that was given by a website that worked: http://www.blogdoctor.me/2007/02/expandable-post-summaries.html— however, before you continue, scroll down to read on the disadvantages. By following step by step, I was able to have expandable post summaries for my homepage. Even when visitors click on even Labels and Categories, only the exerpt will be displayed. This will allow readers to decide if they want to read on after judging for themselves in the first few sentences.

As for other methods, I could not understand how it works:

Disadvantages: Bugs

Probably the templates is not supposed to have the feature. For those who really want the function to truncate posts, I would recommend that you use a WordPress template that comes with the function automatically. Here are some problems that I have faced after successfully installing the “Read More” from Blogdoctor ( I know the author meant well but it’s probably just the nature of the Blogspot design):

  • The “Read More” appears on ALL posts- including those short posts that you have no intention to put “Read More”. Sometimes, we need not truncate a short post- but once you follow the format, it will automatically have a “Read More”. As such, visitors may be annoyed because they click “Read More” thinking there is more content, only to see the same content.
  • Most of the time, you will go back into your post to edit after you have published it. Each time you edit the post, the programming language will repeat itself each time. It makes it troublesome each time you want to open up your published post to edit it- because you will need to delete some programming sentences, namely <span.fullpost > and </span> that came with the initial post. Deletion is done via the html viewer. But if you are not familar with programming and ended up deleting something wrong, your post may look strange or could not be republished again
  • I had a tough time when I migrated my blog to my own paid domain and when I use a 3 column WordPress theme (Blogger by default only have 2 columns). The <span.fullpost > and </span> caused some kind of formating program, resulting width problem. So I had to painfully open every post and manually delete <span.fullpost > and </span>. It was very tough. And sometimes if I left out something out, the webpage also went haywire. It took me a few days of working many hours straight just to get that sorted out

Therefore, I do not recommend that you add expandable post summaries if you are using Blogspot Blogger.

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