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How to save on making overseas calls from Malaysia

Update in 2017: MCN is unheard now that with a cheap prepaid SIM card, you can use it to call out at a very low price using Whatapps, Viber, WeChat or Line features, depending on which application is the person using.


Previously, I always made overseas call to Thailand and Singapore using my mobile phone. My mobile phone bill used to cause hundreds of ringgit whenever I need to call overseas often. Someone had told me about overseas IDD call card but that time, I was too lazy to learn up the steps- and that really cost me. But when I was in Thailand, I had to call back home to Malaysia very often and bought overseas call card from there. It was then I realised that a lot of savings could be done using overseas call card.

I bought my first IDD card- i Talk. You can buy the card in denominations of RM30 or RM50 from either stationery shops or shops selling mobile phone top up cards. All I needed to do is to dial toll free 1800 87 3535 and follow the instruction. As i Talk is owned by Telekom, it is better to activate a fixed line and call from there. Once you follow the instruction on the IDD card and activate from a Telekom fixed line, each time when you want to call overseas, all you need to do is to dial 1800 87 35 35- the voice mail will read out your IDD card balance and ask you to dial the destination number. After you dial the destination number, it will notify you how long you still have left to talk. I spend about RM4 for more than 40 min of chit chat with my ex roomate who is staying in Singapore. But the call rates to Thailand is more expensive than to Singapore. A RM30 iTalk card gives you a total talktime of 5 hours and 20 seconds if you call a Singapore handphone.

Aside from i-Talk card, the MCN direct card (www.mcnenterprise.com) is also good- this card was recommended by my mom’s friend as she has a daughter who is staying in US. She said the call rates of this card is by far the cheapest. When I bought the MCN card, I was also told that the MCN card had no shelf expiry date so long as we do not activate the pin number(meaning use the card). But iTalk card has an expiry date.

Therefore, the next time you want to call overseas, buy an IDD card. It will save a lot of money.

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