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Check out the Listing of Top Malaysian Blogs

Adi Wong of Riceblogger.com came up with the list of the 100 Top Malaysian Blogs in May 2009. The list has been selected based on ranking in Alexa and Technocrati.  It is very interesting compilation- you will find blogs that deals with different topics- from politics, celebrity gossips, internet marketing, cooking, etc.  Surely some of the blogs will discuss topics of your interest- and much closer to home if you are a Malaysian.

I am still going through the list and enjoying new blogs that I have discovered from Adi’s compilation.

Check out the listing from Riceblogger

Check out the listing from Riceblogger

To check out the top list, go to Riceblogger via the link below:


If you are an aspiring blogger who is procastinating about starting your own blog, I am sure you will be able to draw lots of inspiration from the listing. I surely have- you can see the ideas and implementation- from the style of writing, web and content layout.  And a number of top Malaysian blogs are actually hosted using free hosting like Blogspot.

You can also view an older compilation from Sabahan.com (dated in 2007):


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  • Adi Wong May 30, 2009, 1:05 pm

    hi…thanks for visiting my blog and the writeup

  • Yin Teing May 30, 2009, 1:31 pm

    Adi, thanks. I’ve always visit for your blog as it is very informative. Thanks again for the list.

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