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Air Asia’s success story proves that we can achieve if we believe

Malaysians are very proud of our very own homegrown Air Asia- started by Dato’ Sri Tony Fernandes. Recently the airline and its founder won a number of awards and recognition. An advertisement was placed in the newspaper by the staff of the company that summarises the success story:

Inspiring success stories

Inspiring success stories

From an 8 year old airline that started with a dream, it’s amazing we are now flying to over 65 destinations, carrying 80 million guests and winning over 50 awards around the world. Making flying more affordable and fun, we’ve united families, friends and even countries. But none of this would have been possible without one man’s vision, passion and unwavering belief.

He made us belief that dreams can be achieved. I remembered when I first heard about Air Asia, I would never have thought that it would become the major success as it is today. It is true that travelling become so much more affordable and convenient because of Air Asia. Had it not been for AA, I would not have gone travelling, and had I not gone for travelling, I would not change my perspective of life and become a better, happier and more adaptable person. So indeed he has really touched many lives.

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