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Finding the courage to pursue your dreams

Normally, we make our decision not from that momentarily ‘struck by lightning feeling’. But from an inner voice that persisted and refused to be silenced. One day, when we trust our voice enough to take a risk, we find that we learn new things.

You may know Robin Sharma from his book called “The Monk who Sold His Ferrari”.  Robin Sharma is a world reknowned life coach. He was interviewed by Anita Gabriel during his trip to Malaysia. The article has been published in The Star on 16 May 09 entitled Robin Sharma, Up Close and Personal.

There was no light bulb moment. It was gradual. I left the law because I was empty inside. There was an inner ache to explore and I moved into this new field. If you trust life, it can lead you in the most interesting direction.

~ Robin Sharma

Robin did not become a best selling author from writing his first book- even though he put a lot of effort into writing his first book. But he never let that lack of success discourage him from writing his second book, ‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’, a bestseller that launched his coaching career to great heights.

A friend of mine recently dived head first into the unknown. He had a business idea for quite sometime but kept prosponing it. Till his life’s circumstances gave him no choice, he decided to give his business venture an idea. He’s does his research, sacrificing his sleep and went on his own to search for suppliers and got the training he needed to start his business. I had my reservations when he told me about his business idea and I sounded my concern: “what happens if it doesn’t work out?”.

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With a smile, he told me, “I have no regrets even though it does not work out. Over these last few months, I’ve learned so many things, meet so many people. Afterall, I’ve already gotten my feet wet and I really want to make a go at it. Even if it does not turn out, this could always be a part time venture.”

And I could see, he looked better and more cheerful than the last time I saw him when he found himself being in a career path that he did not have passion for.  Even though he sleep much more less, he told me that everyday, his mind is preoccupied with ideas on his business. There is that drive for life and something to look forward to everyday.  Whatever it is, we can plan and plan but if we do not start, we will never get the ball rolling.

Even for myself, I delayed adding Adsense into my blogs because I initially found the process a bit intimidating given my limited knowledge in html. But the hosting renewal gave me a good wake up call- that financially, I need more income to support the running of the blog. One night, I sat down and get the whole ad stuff up – when I got stuck, I look for tutorials from the net. Now, incorporating Adsense is a breeze to any new blogs because I am used to the process. After tackling this, I found myself researching more on monetizing blogs and improving my financials- through non blog methods as well.

The point I am trying to say is that, if we do not start, we will never do it and the thing’s always gonna haunt us. You’ll always feel that ‘missing piece’ that would make you whole. So, forget the ‘what-ifs’ that’s holding you back.  Still, you need to always address the worst case scenarios, like I did, before I left my previous corporate career. You can start by pursing your dream part time or moonlighting if you do not want to go in full time.

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