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Gifts you can get for a friend who is feeling down

Years ago, I spotted daily inspirational quote that uses the pictures of scenery done in calendar style. As you begin each day, you can flip on the day- like April 1 or May 31- each day have its own page- complete with a nice quote and a picture that invoke peace when you look at it.  The calendar can be used again and again because it does not specify the year. I love it and thought that it would make someone a great gift.


For my best friend’s birthday last year- I asked her what she wanted for her birthday- and she said there is no need for me to get anything for her. Years of knowing one another, she would ask me what I want and I would see what I need that year and let her know- we had an arrangement as I told her if she does not want to get me a gift, it’s fine because we are so grown up now and are no longer like our schooldays. But if she wants to buy me a gift, then check with me first since I would rather put what she bought to good use. After knowing the item, she can  take her time to buy it because I always requested her to buy whatever I want during cheap sales. Last year, I requested for a handbag on the shape of a little schoolbag that I can carry around my back (I don’t like to sling bags on the side). And she bought them for me when she sees it on sale. Today, I use the bag everyday. At least her money is well spent and the gift does not lie somewhere gathering dust.

But I guess she may be symphathetic of my current economic condition- since I’ve taken a pay cut in life to do things I enjoy that she did not want to burden me with getting her an expensive birthday gift like what I used to buy for her (most of it which she did not use). Finally, I figured she probably have everything she needed, I finally gave her an inspirational calendar which consists of quotes by Wayne Dyer which I bought from MPH- something she can put on her work desk and look at it everyday. I also gave her some shopping vouchers- they are ‘boring’ but at least practical for a young mother with tonnes of grocery bills to pay.

Therefore, the next time if you really do not know what to buy, you consider getting or making a chart with inspirational/positive/uplifting quotes on them 🙂 They will tend to put it on their working table and during times when they are feeling down, at least they can flip at it. It can make their day….

Recently I saw a bookstore selling this very interesting positive banner. It’s about the size of an A4 paper. Can you see the coloured dots? Even though not clear, the dots contained positive things that you can do for the day. The instruction there requested a person to close his/her eyes and just point at a point. Then refer to what is written there.


There’s another one that looked the same but consists of short positive quotes in small squares.

Todate, I have yet to find one that I really like on the bookstore- it’s either:

  • the quotes are very inspirational but the design is boring (probably to save on printing costs)
  • the design is nice but the quotes does not bring much meaning.

Probably I will come up with something of my own that I can get a printing company to do it in a batch….

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