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Kaspersky Internet Security Blocks Google Adsense Ads

This morning when I login to my PC to just glance at one of the articles in my blog, I was surprised to get a warming from Kaspersky (which I had installed in my PC) as below:

Loading object http:/…/pagead/show_ads.js, containing malicious URL. Denied.


It’s sad because a lot of people earn money- some even full time income from the internet via Google Adsense ads. Now Kaspersky “mistakens” the Google adsense to be a malicious source- and to a visitor who found the blogs or website via google and who uses Kaspersky Internet Security, they may assume that the blog has some kind of malicious software and may not come back again….while the fact is that nothing is wrong with the site.

No doubt Kaspesky Internet Security is efficient and very good at catching Trojans, malicious adwares, spywares, etc from the internet, sometimes its too over ‘efficiency’ really works at a disadvantage. When I first installed Kaspersky for my office PCs, suddenly all the PCs and laptops- both with and without the antivirus- failed to print. This is because the particular PC that is linked to the printer had the Kaspersky installed. And Kaspersky, in its super effectiveness, somehow thought that all the other PCs/laptops that were attempting to instruct the printer to print were some kind of malicious network attack and therefore block them. I spent 2 afternoons trying to figure out how to solve the problem by going through discussion forums and following one method and another.

My online earnings will no doubt be affected by this- and so are the many thousands of people who rely heavily on Adsense ads. I hope Kaspersky will do an update to enable Google Adsense- else there sure will be very heavy backlash. 

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However, after installing the internet security by Kaspersky, I had the peace of mind- I know I could download anything from the net while preparing presentation slides and Kaspersky had managed to ‘cure’ a couple of Trojan infected thumbdrives. If you ask me, I would  still rather keep Kaspersky. For their reputation, they will surely figure out a way to solve the problem fast.

Update: By about 2pm the same day, the error was resolved and I was able to see the ads being displayed.

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  • J Prism September 22, 2011, 3:53 pm

    Sept 22 2011: The problem seems to have started again.

    Google Ads have been blocked and when Kaspersky is switched off, they appear again.

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