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Page rank suddenly dropped again… take it easy

You work hard on your blogs- pour your heart and soul into it- and you saw the rankings build up. Then one morning, you go to your blog to update something, and noticed the page rank dropped not to zero- but straight to ‘not being ranked by Google’.

This happened to me recently- in fact, on the second day of Chinese New Year, before I started visiting my relatives, I thought I just login for a while to my Health Blog to update something. Imagine my unpleasant surprise to find my Health Blog suddenly fall into the grey bar. It is a blog where most of my revenue came from.

Instead of panicking, I just studied the traffic reports to see if there is a drop in organic traffic sent by Google. So far, there isn’t, but the search results for topics that used to rank first or second page in Google search is now pushed further backwards. So I guess I was penalized but not banned by Google (if I am banned, my health blog would not even appear in the search results).

As bloggers, we place a lot of importance on page rank. I know a blog like this which talks on too many diversified topics would be hard to go up the ranks- unless the blogger is famous or there are zillions of posts on the blog (like 43things or wisegeek).

I have newer blogs that quickly got a rank despite having less than 30 posts- but got ranked within a month or two because the topics were specific- compare to blog like this with few hundred articles.

Still, in the end, if we monetize our blog, organic traffic ie traffic from search engines would mean more to us than page rank.

In a way, it is good that now, I will just implement whatever ideas I have instead of worrying how it will affect my ranking- since there is no more ranking to begin with. Sharing information with others is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing- and the odd one or two little posts that I squeeze in here and now have made the blog into over 300 posts- some containing useful info that have benefited others. It gives me immense happiness to be able to make just this little difference that I would continuing doing even though I don’t get a cent out of it- in fact, I’ve only started monetizing my blogs in Sept last year.

It scares me to think about those whose livelihood depends 100% on creating blogs and monetizing them. They get hit hard when Google suddenly decides to pull the plug on them. Perhaps I would have to accept the fact that is just a ‘hobby that pays’.

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