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There will always be a tomorrow

Nature actually teaches us abundance of lessons if we really open our eyes to them…


Sunset in Chao Phraya River, Bangkok

As sure as the sun sets each day, it would rise again the following day…

Just as it is a natural part of life to encounter loneliness, loss, tears and grief, the dark phrase would pass.

And tomorrow, will be another day- as the sun would rise and shine again.

Recall back previous bleak periods of your life….did they too pass and get replaced by happy sunny memories?

Perhaps you may feel there is no end to your sorrows…that this time, you can’t seemed to get out of the abyss…that’s there’s just no solutions and way out.  But please hold on there my friend, don’t give up.

Look at the sun…. it rises and sets- no matter what, you can count on it to rise the next day.

When I took the picture above, I  was actually crying as the sun sets- but that was more than 2 years ago. I thought there would be no solutions to my sorrow- but with time, things change, and I find my own way.

You can too…. even though it may not seemed possible as just yet. Hold on, hang on there, little warrior.

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