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Western Union services in Malaysia for Adsense weekends thru banks and post office

In Malaysia, you can collect your Adsense earnings, paid through Western Union on Saturdays. Initially, I was not aware that we can go on non-working days to receive Adsense payment through Western Union until I tried to put the two and two together.

So far I know Maybank, Public Bank, CIMB and RHB banks are participating agents for Western Union (send/receive) money. Many bloggers are full time salaried workers- holding jobs with fixed hours. In my previous job, I could go to the bank during lunch time to encash my payment. But my current place is not near these banks (unless I drive out). So, I started to find out about these 4 banks and inquire which one operates on Saturdays and is most convenient for me to visit. I find that banks that are opened on Saturday are usually located in shopping complexes or hypermarkets:

Call the branch first to confirm if they have the facility for you to receive money via Western Union during weekends. No point of going all the way to the branch only to find that you cannot get your money.

Recently, I went to one of the RHB branches that is opened on a Saturday to get my Adsense earnings.


At first when I arrived about 10.30am, they were offline. I went again about 30 minutes later and the line was up. I was able to collect my money- by filling up the form (you need to bring along the printout from Google- you need not submit that but it contains the payment number, and the photocopy of your NRIC). Your original NRIC is of course also required. Complete the form


Fill up the form- the money transfer control number has to be completed at the top of the form.

I find the exchange rate of 3.075 unfavorable. CIMB (which I go to encash previously) provide better rate (issued based on that day’s rate).  Still, it is more worth it compared to taking leave and going to the bank just to collect the payment.

You can also collect at selected Pos Malaysia outlets

Not all post offices in Malaysia have the Western Union facility. Only selected post offices have them. It would be good as post office is opened on all Saturdays except the first and public holidays. Another convenient way to collect money, especially for full time employees moonlighting as bloggers 🙂

CLICK HERE  to view the list. Look out for the Western Union logo:



Request for a form from the counter as they usually don’t put the forms outside. Remember to bring along your original NRIC and a photostat of your NRIC:


The exchange rate I got (Ringgit against USD) is 3.24. The rate is low but better than RHB’s rate. Still at least you can get your money on Saturdays but at least I need not take leave to get this done.

Request for some extra copies of the form so that you can fill it up beforehand.

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  • John May 19, 2011, 4:55 pm

    Hey I just canceled my adsense account to change my payee name(I put something like “Ah Kow Wong” previously) for Western Union. Regarding the payee name, do I have to put whole name in capital letters? Example: “Wong Ah Kow” or “WONG AH KOW”. I’m afraid I submit the wrong name again and have to reapply :(.

    • Yin May 26, 2011, 9:55 pm

      For myself, I did not put in capital letters. Just the usual ones. Yes, if your name is in the wrong format, it’s better to change or else you may have problem claiming the money if the name differs from your NRIC

  • Vin July 6, 2011, 10:57 pm

    How do you enter the name in the adsense western union setup?
    They have 2 fields namely, Payee Firstname & Payee Lastname.
    Let’s say your name is Brian lee foong yee, Do u then fill it in as

    – Payee Firstname / Given Name: Brian
    – Payee Lastname / Surname / Family name: Lee Foong Yee


    – Payee Firstname / Given Name: Brian Foong Yee
    – Payee Lastname / Surname / Family name: Lee

    • Yin July 7, 2011, 7:28 pm

      Is Brian part of your registered name as per national identification? I am not so sure, but would suggest that if Brian is part of your ic name, then
      – Payee Firstname / Given Name: Lee Foong Yee
      – Payee Lastname / Surname / Family name: Brian
      When you collect from WesternUnion, you can use back the same formatwhen you fill out the form. The idea is to have the name in the correct sequence but whether it turns out as Lee Foong Yee Brian or Brian Lee Foong Yee, they would still pay.

  • Bob March 29, 2013, 8:52 am

    People i would like to know is there any western union working on Public holidays like today(Good Friday).

    • Yin March 30, 2013, 9:34 am

      Hi Bob,
      Sorry for the late reply. So long as it is not a Malaysian public holiday or weekends, the post office and banks would be opened.
      For 1st Saturdays the post offices are closed.

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