Should you work for a cause, or work for the pay?

Someone I knew worked for close to 20 years with a company that on the outward seemed to focus on a cause that she believed in. So she put in the weekends and work during hours that people would be socializing. The pay was low because ‘profit’ was not supposed to be the bottomline.  She had to do some part-time job to help support her expenses and mortgage.

As the years grew by, she became more bitter and angry- but she stayed on, perhaps because she was on denial.

In the end, she grew disillusioned and had a falling out with her bosses. Things were not what it seemed. And she came out and started her own little ‘business’- at the age when people are supposed to be retiring- she had to start to knock on doors to sell financial services.

But this changed her. She become a more cheerful person, more approachable and happy. She even got her own car. Perhaps the training that she had attended had opened up her mind. She told me that she should have done it years ago. But still, she told herself- better late than never. She is now more sociable, and much happier because she had found something- a cause that she believed in that can help others. I am so glad to see the change in her.

Are you working for other people’s causes?

We all work for someone else’s causes. But could there be a possibility that we could also undermine ourselves for working for someone’s causes that looks pure from the outside but is actually marginalising us?

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Perhaps we should consider finding a job that brings value to us- that encourage both skill and personal growth. Make a comfortable living- then, contribute our spare time and/or designate a certain amount every month towards a cause or charity that’s close to our hearts.

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