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Sourcing for photos and images for your blog

Bloggers often need to source for pictures to accompany blog posts. In the past, I used to obtain royalty free pictures from the net but now, I take my own pictures. My simple and relatively inexpensive mobile phone have been used to take so many pictures. Initially you may find it odd to snap any photos that catches your fancy- but after a while, it becomes natural and you find inspiration from the scenes of everyday life around you.

Getting a multi-card reader:

Aside from getting a mobile phone with a reasonable camera function and memory card, one indespensible tool: Multi Card Reader:


The above are sold for only RM13.90 each from IT Hypermart. For just only this price, this little portable tool has been invaluable. I first notice the tool being used while developing photo in Bangkok- where the shop had the camera’s memory card inserted into this multi card reader. Now, I use this tool to transfer photos from one camera’s memory card to another (first connect the memory card to the chip reader and download the photos on the PC/ laptop, then resave into another memory card).


Now, I carry my mobile phone and snap pictures- then I just use the multi card reader to put in the memory card from my mobile phone and sometimes my camera and connect straight to the laptop.  I prefer to take photos with my handphone instead of camera because it is quicker and ahemm…more discreet. No doubt the quality of the photos defers from the camera and mobile phone but as I use it mainly to communicate and not to sell the photos, it should suffice.

After snapping the photos, you can download it to your PC directly using a multi-card reader. The photos should be placed in proper categories for example, “nature”, “animals”, “flowers”, “daily items”, etc. It would make it easier for you to search for the photos later on.

Another useful tool is a scanner- in which is useful to scan articles, photos, brochures and resave them in either pdf or image format. I’ve bought a Canon Lide for RM200 plus and have been using it to scan books, brochures and old photos.

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