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Does a blogger need to invest in an expensive mobile phone?

When my previous mobile phone started giving me problems, I considered taking the opportunity to upgrade to a phone with better camera function. My budget is limited and I saw no point of investing in a phone with bells and whistles because

1) I don’t surf the net from my phone because I prefer using a real PC,

2) I tend to drop my phone often, that was why I got pain all over my right side of the face each time I use the phone,

3) people like to steal expensive phones.

I specifically told the mobile phone salesman that I do not want all types of features- just give me the best phone that have a good camera function and ability to take pictures at a close range at a low budget. He recommended the phone by LG which I bought for a few hundred dollars. With the phone, I also bought a memory card for the pictures and a memory card reader.

Investing in the mobile phone was one of the best things I have done. But I did not invest in an expensive phone- just a phone that takes pictures clear enough to be seen.  My Visit Malaysia blog contains lots of photos- some taken discreetly and spontaneously when I visit certain places. Afterwhich, I would reduce the resolution further to enable the page to load faster.

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