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Learning a new skill or hobby effectively and quickly- you need to know your learning style

Have you ever find that you love a hobby very much but often wonder why was so tough for you to learn up the hobby? Well, you need to first consider what type of learner are you- what is the method that you can most effectively learn:

  • Is it by listening to instructions from others
  • Is it by reading in a book, watching videos like those found on YouTube (visual)
  • Is it doing it yourself  (attending classes)

For me, I learn quite effectively through visualizing and looking at pictures. If you are too, then you would need to find a book that provides a lot of visual to help you to learn.  Once you can identify your most effective learning technique, you will be able to pick up a skill much faster and safe yourself the agony and frustration of not able to comprehend things.

I would illustrate this with an example. Let’s say you want to learn up scrapbooking, you can speed up your learning experience by using a book with lots of pictures. One of the books you can read is on Teach Yourself Visually Scrapbooking written by Rebecca Ludens  and Jennifer Schmidt or any books that have lots of visual and having the step by step process displayed as pictures:

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