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Blogging on a netbook vs iPad or iPhone

Today, a thought ran in my mind to purchase a iPad, mainly for the purpose of blogging and surfing net. First thought that the iPad is highly portable and I can carry it easily around compared to a netbook.

To part time bloggers like us who have a full time job plus other personal responsibilites, blogging on the go seemed to be a good idea. Right now, I have a laptop plus a netbook.  There are so many things that I would like to write about but when I have time to sit down, I find myself feeling too tired. Well, another temptation to use that hard earned cash….

For anyone who is thinking of investing money to buy anything, would strongly recommend that you spend sometime to google more about the comparison of the products. There is always the pros and the cons. In the end, armed with the information at hand, you can at least make some informed decision.

There are endless temptations and new gadgets out. Perhaps now, as part of aging and the fact that I’ve been a spendthrift hoarding up nonsense that I am trying to get rid off,  I am starting to be more prudent in my spending.

Subtly or directly, we have been so influenced that we must have something just because everyone else has it. It is the result of effective advertising and branding that goes into our subconscious. With that, no matter how much we earn, it will never be enough. That is no wonder why many people are living beyond their means and going into debt at a young age. This is reality…

Anyway, back to my research around the internet for some answers, I’ve came across some reviews featured in other website and blogs by using the search phrase “blogging netbook vs iPad”:

From the blogs above, as well as other sites, I came to this conclusion:

1. Typing friendly

You can’t really type fast on the iPad because of the virtual keyboard. Even though people complain it’s hard to type fast on a netbook, well, I can type reasonably fast as I’ve gotten used to 16 inch size keyboard. In fact, most of my blog posts, including loonnnggg ones are written using my Netbook.

2. Blogging platform compatibility

Using iPad, you would still need to download some other software to enable easy blogging.  And even that, there are some limitation. Nothing like having the wordpress or blogging platform editor fully displayed for you to type new articles and updates.

3. Photo upload

I tend to use photos sometimes in my blog. Even with my current netbook, I’ve not able to reduce my jpg photos from 2MB to 50kb as I did not purchase the photo editor.  The Picasa photo editor can crop but cannot reduce image file size. When I read that we cannot directly link the photo easily to the blog without plugins or having new applications, then the fate is sealed.

The iPad is good, but it depends on what you want to use it for. For watching movies, reading ebooks and playing games, it is an excellent choice.

For me, well, I don’t watch much TV, don’t like to play games and prefer reading real books or searching for articles online.  In fact, I try to reduce my time spent on the internet and usually utilize it for blogging.

Actually if you find you need to have something handy for you to take notes when you go around, I would recommend a simple small notebook (made of paper) and a pen that you can carry with you wherever you go. You need worry about having your car window smashed if you place your paper notebook by the passenger seat- but if the netbook, laptop or iPad are there, you may need to fork out additional money to fix that smashed window.  Till today, the child in me still want to write on cute cartooned notebooks – and I’m into my 3rd book- this time I’ve bought one with the Angry Bird theme for RM5.90 from a bookshop.

Easier and faster to take the pen and scribble down stuff and having everything all in a book (rather than bits and pieces of paper) compared to launching the iPad and using the Notes to type out things. I used to think that the netbook is handy when used outside- while waiting for friends or idle. After doing it for a few times, I’ve stopped taking my netbook around. It’s better to just chill out when out, enjoy the scenery and the life going around you. Sit or stand back and observe people…. and when ideas come along, just write it down.

Or just take a physical book out as your companion when you have nothing better to do- like waiting in line at the bank or waiting for people who are always late.  Until today, it’s a habit that I take books that I’ve been meaning to read but never have the time.  When I traveled to work by train, I’ve managed to read quite a number of books.

Folks used to do that before the Smartphone, netbooks and iPads came along.

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