Documents to bring when renewing your Malaysian passport

by Yin on March 7, 2012

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The immigration department or Jabatan Imegresen Malaysia had earned a lot of praise from the public through introduction of effective passport renewal using the KIPPAS system.
I recently went to have my passport renewed and was amazed at the efficiency.

To renew your Malaysian passport, you need to bring the following:
1. 2 recent passport sized photos- please bring recent photos as they may want you to retake the photos if you look a bit different from the photo.

2. Your original passport- the one you want to renew

3. RM300 if you are renewing for 5 years

4. Your original Malaysian identification card or NRIC. Bring along a photocopy of your NRIC just in case- even though I did not use it.

If your MyKad chip is working and if your passport at least have the biometric function, ie you are able to use it at the autogate at the Malaysian immigration, then you can use the machine to renew- there would be an officer stationed at the machine to do everything for you.

First you need to put in your existing passport at the slot machine with your MyKad. Then the system would read the data and once it matches you would need to place 1 passport photo inside followed by RM300- insert notes piece by piece. A receipt would come out and after an hour you can approach a designated counter stated in the receipt. After one hour, you can go back there and would be given a call number. The passport would be handled to you, together with your old passport that is partially cut.

If the machine is out or if your passport is the old version with no biometric features, then you need to fill up a form which you can get from the guard. It is the same form if you are making the passport for the first time. Overall, the process is still completed in about an hour provided you do not go during peak time ( like visiting Selangor immigration on a KL public holiday, near long holidays, etc).

This time I actually took leave and went to the immigration office at Kelana Jaya Glomac in Petaling Jaya. The office opens at 7.30am so go early as the crowd would build up at about 9am. You can always take your breakfast at the nearby mamak stalls. For parking, park behind the building at the open parking- you need to enter the parking by first going in the Glomac building parking and then turning left (instead of going into the building, you go towards the back till you reach the open space parking). Be mindful to follow the green immigration signboard as one wrong turn and you may end up at the old Subang airport road which you need to make a big turn to get back. The parking is RM2 per hour.

turn in and enter thru the building parking

turn in and enter thru the building parking

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