Smartphone for the blogger’s soul

by Yin on March 10, 2012

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Well, it should mean “Chicken Soup for the Blogger’s Soul” – is the Smartphone sort of a Chicken Soup for the blogger? ;)

Days after publishing the blog post Is your Smartphone robbing you of a real life? and an earlier article of Smartphone Addiction and how it ruins families in my Health Blog, I contradicted myself and ended up buying myself a Smartphone…. a Blackberry to be precise. This is after about a few months of deliberation as well as deciding which type of phones- ie iPhone, Andriod, Windows, Blackberry, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, iPad….the choices are so many but budget is so limited.

Well I figured there is no point of wondering about the “what ifs” – silence the nudgings, buy the fella and get it over and be done with.

I chose a shop where I feel the sales assistant is experienced enough to know what’s the best. Months ago he was selling the Samsung Galaxy phones and when I wanted to buy, he was selling more Blackberrys.

One of the first questions he asked me was my budget and what is the features that I’ve placed importance on. I told him I need to use the phone to type a lot and also the camera must be of reasonable good quality. Then he said for the purpose of typing and email, the best would be a Blackberry- because nothing beats a real keypad (even though it is so minute).  This was what my Smartphone user friends shared with me- that a physical keypad makes a difference if you are typing often.

The camera was to help me to take pictures- and with a Smartphone, you can immediately upload photos in Facebook, send via email or load in your WordPress blog (you need to download the WordPress for Blackberry in order to do that).

Anyway, I also like the virtual keypad so he suggested a Blackberry Torch- the screen is big enough like other Smartphone, and one can choose to use the physical keypad or the virtual touchscreen keypad.  Just flip back the cover in when not using the physical keypad.

Finally, I’ve decided to get the Blackberry Torch. After buying the phone, I proceeded to sign up the cheapest data plan I could find. But back at home, I used the Wifi. The next day, I could not access to the internet when I am not at home- ie when there is no coverage.

Then, I realised that if you have the Blackberry, you MUST sign up for an additional BIS plan- or else a BlackBerry is no better than a normal phone. Even if you take up a data plan, no BIS = no internet access, no push email and most of Blackberry’s function and features.

So, I had to subscribe and paid an additional RM20 a month for the BIS, on top of the data coverage plan.

Blogging Life with the Smartphone

The blogging experience has been better after I bought the Blackberry.  I find that I could take my blogging to the next level with:

  • mobile blogging on the go while waiting in line or outside
  • snapping pictures, uploading it to my mobile WordPress and publishing it immediately
  • able to view and moderate comments
  • featuring videos to make some point about something- and even if the video is recorded from the TV, the quality is clear

This is opposed to taking the picture with my camera or LG phone, editing the photo in my old laptop (only my old laptop that run slowwwwlly have that photo editing software) and then uploading the photo together with the blog post. It takes too much time- that’s why I have so many photos taken with stories to be told but I don’t have time to write about them. Most of the time when I snap a photo I have an idea in my head of what to write- to find time to write about them is the key….

Now, if I am outside and waiting for my passport for instance, I managed to type out blog posts- in the noisy environment, it is too distracting for me to read a book, but while typing away on my BB, I am in a world of my own :)

Also, I would start a blog post on my BB- because I need to upload a photo taken with the camera phone together in the post. Then I would convert the status of the post to “Draft” and send it to my WordPress which I can access immediately via my netbook and finish typing the remaining article.  Save  time in processing the photos- and furthermore, Blackberry is able to help me compress the photos- and if I want, to edit the photo with some free photo editing software.

It is still faster to type using the netbook- so I would write long articles using netbook. Browsing the internet is better with the netbook as opposed to a small device.

In this world, there would always be temptations- like people who ended up spending too much time caught in the virtual world of their Smartphones, tab and iPads that they lose touch with real life. Because with the possibility of being connected 24/7, who would be able to resist?

Still, we need to exercise moderation and restraint in all we do. Even though my data plan is 1GB per month, it does not mean I have to max out the use. It is there for convenience- and I try to keep my use to a minimum. It is really up to us on how we want to spend our time.  But it is comforting to know that I can do some short blogging when I am out and about, to capture photos and nice videos.

And, it had made my learning of Thai language much easier as switchable foreign language touch keypad had enabled me to type sms and passages in Thai language. It is the same convenience regardless of whatever foreign language that you need to type in.

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