Blackberry: Unable to upload videos to YouTube?

by Yin on March 15, 2012

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Over the net, many Blackberry users are facing problems uploading videos recording with the handheld mobile into YouTube.

Usually, the upload would carry on just fine and as you excitedly wait for the 100% upload to be done, it would suddenly come out with this message: “401 error and Connection to YouTube Server cannot be established”. You may try many times and yet the same error may occurr.

When I first attempted to upload my recorded videos via YouTube using my Blackberry Torch, I face hours of frustration to upload and reupload the videos- only to be met with the same message.  And I thought, if I cannot upload the video, then the device had not much use for me.

After checking through various forums and websites offering the advice, I still find that the upload failed. But I refused to give up since I’ve spent good money on the thing- and if I am able to upload videos, then I could express a lot more things in videos that sometimes words cannot express effectively.

Finally, the next day after trying and trying, I’ve figured out the solution. As you can see in my YouTube account, most of these are videos I’ve recorded myself.

How to upload a video recorded with your Blackberry Device directly to YouTube (you need Wifi connection):

1. When you upload, you must have logged out from your gmail accounts or your YouTube account in your device.

2. TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE SERVICE PROVIDER and the BIS-  to do that, select Mobile Network and uncheck the network connection. That would remove your mobile network and the BIS from your phone. Then turn off your phone and turn it on again. This is the very important point- I could not upload the video until I turned the mobile coverage off.

3. Upload must be done using Wifi connection- with your mobile coverage turned off.

4. Access via Media> Video instead of via the icon YouTube> Upload a Video. That means, you need to go into the Media folder of your BB and select the video. It will auto play but you use the back arrow- so that the video you want is selected.  Then select “Send”> “Upload to YouTube”. Login with your YouTube user name and password and UNCHECK the box that states “stay signed in”.

5. Make whatever amendments you want to like the video title, tags, etc and press “Publish”. Then the video would upload and gets completed. Usually, I login to my netbook after the video is uploaded and then edit the title from my netbook as it is easier to type more text.

Try it and see- hope it works for you :)

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