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In the middle of chaos there is stillness

The hectic and fast paced movement of the city life sometimes can get to even the most resilient ones. Especially if we are working in a big city that is far away from our home and familiar faces.
People going about in the everyday busyness- each seemingly have a place or someone or family to go back to.

Wherever we may be, the beauty of nature can often help us forget our worries, sadness or sorrow. Like the photo above, taken in Bukit Bintang, one of the busiest place located in the town center- there is a beautiful cloud formation situated between two tall buildings.

As if, it is cheering us on, telling us that things is going to be okay. Even though we are smacked in the middle of this fast moving chaotic world, there can be peace- and the peace is within.

We may forget, as we often do, but nature does her best to offer us some reminders. Whatever it is, everything is just going to be okay. So hang in there, yeah 🙂

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