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The Lonely Business Traveller

Often a person who enjoy travel would not mind taking a job that entails extensive traveling.

Initially it may get exciting for one get to see new cultures, places, explore rthe food that otherwise one would not have the chance to do so.

But years down the line, it can get pretty tiring, scary and lonely. Especially if one have family and loved ones to go back to. In a totally different world, the sea of unfamiliar faces, going back to an empty hotel room or service apartment on a Saturday night while missing on one’s baby first birthday can get pretty meaningless.

I caught a sight of a man on business travel while I was at the airport- he managed to find a quieter isolated spot and just sat there waiting for his flight. In an Asian country, his home must be thousands of miles away. But I guess he must have gotten used to it.

The time waiting in between flights can be used as a time to unwind instead of trying to frantically try to catch up on unfinished tasks. Work never finishes and if we are tired, we need to take the required rest. And a way is to sit and relax the mind while the rest of the world passes by.

Or do something you really like- like me, sitting and typing this post on my Blackberry while waiting to board my flight 🙂

Business travel solo

Business travel solo

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