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External Brand Does Not Make a Person

Brand does not make a person. Even though one can wear the most expensive clothes far out of the budget of many, but if one’s character is proud, unkind and manipulates others, it is difficult for one to find someone who genuinely respect the person.

Respect is earned, no forced or bought. If we feel people do not like us and instead of trying to hunt for that perfect dress, why not instead try to hunt for the personality traits within us that may put other people off? Then there would be no never ending quest for more cash and credit to fuel that shopping habit.

I know some people need to spend extra months or weeks to work off enough money to pay for that expensive shoes, gown or handbag for that one night’s glory that goes forgotten by others. Is it really worth the effort?

There is so much liberation in opting for a simplier lifestyle, investing time in those who truly mattered instead of just anyone. Save a lot of money and earns us a great deal of inner peace.


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