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Happiness at only RM5.95

It’s true, one need not have lots of money to be happy. The advertisement from McDonalds which aptly put that happiness can be bought with RM5.95- one of the lowest priced McValue meals . This would strike a chord in many of our hearts as so many of us grew up with our parents taking us to McDonalds for a kiddy or Happy Meal.

It does not take a lot of money to make one happy. During the crucial years, all a child would ask for is your time and affection. Instead, parents tend to ‘bribe’ their children with toys and gadgets- partially as a guilt driven form of compensation. The child would grow up then believing materials possessions giveth happiness. If feeling down and empty, he would think with that particular car model or the latest gadgets, then one would be reable to relive those happy moments.

The joy of material possession would last probably a few hours or day before something else caught our attention.

The answer lies within ourselves. Within us hold the power of happiness or sadness, joy or anger, optimism or pessimism. Let the journey to within begins…

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