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Why use a Blackberry when everyone else is either using iPhone or Samsung

Update: Below is written few years ago. I have since switched to Samsung Smartphones. 

Most people I know either own an iPhone or one of the phone series from Samsung. Whereas, here I am, still having my Blackberry phone (which I had bought only in February this year).

After having a Smartphone, it is hard to live without one. But a Blackberry? Whenever I commented something about my phone, my friends would be quick to suggest that I switch.

Here are the reasons why I am still keeping my Blackberry- and some may be yours too:

Because I already paid for the phone so I might as well keep it. Still, here are some considerations that had prevented me from switching to other touch screen Smartphones:

1.  The push emails– almost instantly someone send something- you can receive it. Not that I eye at my phone all the time- but sometimes when I am trying to go to websites that my company internet have blocked to get materials, pictures and animations, the materials sent from my Blackberry reaches my office email almost immediately.

2. Secured and encripyted message. Good to know that whatever I have would not be easily hacked by others.

3. The QWERTY  keyboard….really, this is the hardest part of giving up the Blackberry. Even though I’ve witnessed awesome typing speed of my friends using their one finger typing on their iPhones or Samsung SII. Seriously fast typing…. beat mine anytime on my Blackberry keyboard. Just 1 finger clicking away…. perfect mind-finger sycronization…. and they assured me that with time, I’ll be as good as them. I have tried- I just can’t get their virtual unreal keypad. Always type wrongly.

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Initially, I’ve never even thought of buying the Blackberry- but I’ve wanted a phone that could take pictures and help me to do blogging at the same time. The advise from my former boss sealed the fate- despite being an iPhone user, she told me her husband had preferred a Blackberry because he uses it for email and typing a lot. In fact, her husband gave the iPhone to her because he did not like it and he got himself a Blackberry and seems to love the function of it.  When I went to the store, the salesperson recommended the Blackberry Torch because it met my love for the physical keyboard, and the touchscreen. But compared to other Blackberry models like Storm or Bold, typing on the Blackberry Torch keyboard is slightly not so smooth as the keyboard is smaller because the phone is build with a larger screen so to use the keyboard you have to use the slider (and not too rough because someone’s Touch slider does not work because he was too rough with the slider).

3. Makes it easy to blog on the go. Everyday life inspires me as I am out and about- seeing something and immediately a storyline for that object forms in my mind. I love it that I can take a picture, crop it with a photo app and upload it into my blog using the mobile aps. And it gets published immediately.

Even though the typing speed is slower, but it gives me something to do when I am standing in a queue, or sitting at the airport, waiting for someone. It used to annoy me when friends are late but hey, now if they are late, I would take the extra time to reply emails or work on a new blog post.

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4. Because I am not a phone and aps person. People use their Smartphones to watch Netflix, YouTube videos, web surfing, and play games. I don’t- I use it mainly to send sms message (because it’s easy to type on the keyboard), occassionally for WhatsApps and very much on blogging and reading emails. Sometimes I use it for work related because as I’ve mentioned before, my company internet block certain sites which I need information from.  But when I am outside and with times in my hands, I would rather ‘work’ on my blogs that to be shopping or play apps games (yep, the serious nerdy type). At home, I would rather spend time with my family, catch up with them and exchange news. You know the cliche about Smartphones and Facebook….supposed to connect people but ironically are making people feel increasingly isolated.

So my Blackberry served its purpose of helping me get more things done, but I usually keep it away when I don’t need it. At work my Smartphone is always locked in my drawer and at home it stays either in my handbag or charging in my room. I like the article written by Emil Cailiaux on Why I Use (And Love) A BlackBerry – a funny read- and the part he mentioned not to stay distracted because the Blackberry would have less apps and he just needs a phone to help him get things done and does not distract him.

So my former boss was right after all, Blackberry is more suitable for serious full time-worker-with-part-time-blogging like me. I do not consider myself a die hard Blackberry fan, but I do appreciate the value that the Blackberry has to offer. It suits my needs. Sometimes I do get tempted when I see the Samsung ads- but these are the never ending lure of technology gadgets- after buying one, there would be another new and better version out in no time. And it will never end and money would be spent once again on stuff that we don’t really need.

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Well, I can relate very much to the dinosaur at the phone below 🙂 .How about you?


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